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Standard Auto Transport Quotes

There is such a thing as a basic auto transport quote. That is our Standard car shipping price. It is the closest you can get to cheap car shipping. Whether you realize it or not, however, you are actually competing against other customers for car transport trailer space when shipping cars cross-country or even regionally. Choosing the Standard price means you understand that your car might not ship right away, but might be in a few days after the first date available pick up date or possibly longer if lots of competition or a lack of car transport companies. Obviously, nobody can guarantee what cannot be controlled but our brokers work tirelessly to get your vehicle on a truck in a timely manner at the cheapest price.

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Rush Car Transport Quotes

Rush car transport quotes are only about a couple hundred bucks more than the Standard pricing, but sure seems to get truckers to jump. Some people are in a big hurry. Vehicle listings that are higher than the market tend to get assigned quicker, and since most orders get picked up within one or two days of assignment, the customer also receives his vehicle faster. Of course, we are still reliant on trucks making that route and one vehicle alone cannot make that happen. But those situations are the exception and not the rule. Don’t want to mess around? Go with Rush car shipping cost.

Car Transport Service States

Standard Auto Transport Quotes

Car Transport Quotes In The New England States

New England consists of six states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. It is relatively easy shipping cars in and out of three of those six states regardless of the distance. However, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut are easier to ship a car than Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. Boston is the best big hub for auto transport companies in New England. Like Rome, seemingly all roads lead to Boston.

Southern New Hampshire, for example, is fine for vehicle shipping because of its proximity to Boston. But once a vehicle transporter ventures north into upper New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine, it becomes increasingly more difficult to ship cars in a timely fashion. How much does it cost to ship a car to Vermont and Maine? Certainly more than New Hampshire.

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Auto Transport Quotes In Florida

Florida is probably the biggest vehicle shipping state in the country during “snowbird season”. Every year the snowbirds from the north flock to Florida in the winter, and then return home in the spring. A car transporter can’t go wrong following the I-95 corridor along Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, Orlando, Melbourne, Port St. Lucie, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. It’s all good bro. It is the same thing on the Gulf of Mexico side following I-75 through Tampa, St. Petersburg, Fort Myers, Naples. How much to ship a car there can be like a tropical breeze. Get south of Homestead into the Florida Keys, however, and all bets are off. Shipping a car to Key West is like car shipping to Cuba. Who do you think is passing through? How to ship a car in the keys is best by meeting a car transport service in either Key Largo or Homestead. Central Florida can also be a problem. The Florida Panhandle is like a different state and tough to ship a car.

Auto Shipping Quotes In The Southern States

We already discussed Virginia, the Carolinas and Florida as part of the Eastern Atlantic Seaboard. We omit them here and speak instead of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia. This is basically Dixie. If you can’t follow a clever metaphor, you shouldn’t bother shipping a car here. There isn’t a thing you say or do that isn’t like something else

Vehicle shipping traffic is usually good in Atlanta. The shipping car cost is usually most competitive there. The rest of Georgia, however, is difficult to ship fast. That largely holds true for the rest of the southern states. The big cities work very well, but the rural areas and small towns tend to be much slower. In Alabama, it is Birmingham that hums and everywhere else … not so much. Almost all of Mississippi is slow, save Jackson, which is only moderately better. In Louisiana, New Orleans is the place to ship a car, but because the Big Easy is at the end of the distribution line it is also sometimes difficult.

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Standard Auto Transport Quotes

Vehicle Transport Quotes In The Midwest States

We consider the Midwest to be Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota. It is not hard for any of the car shipping companies to piece a full load together in the Midwest. Just look at the big cities packed closely together: Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Saint Louis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Des Moines and Minneapolis. It makes it easier to determine the average cost to ship a car. The far northern halves of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan are difficult, we are there to make it easier for you.

The western side of Ohio is far easier to ship a car than the more rural eastern half of the state. It helps tremendously having I-75 and I-71 heading straight down the Buckeye State until they merge in Cincinnati, Queen City of the West. Actually, the freeway system throughout the Midwest is beautifully laid out. For that, we have President Dwight D. Eisenhower to thank.

How Much To Ship A Car In The Great Plains States

For us the Great Plain states are Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming. Amazingly, in that entire huge swath of land covering so much of the central United States, only Oklahoma City is somewhat reliable to ship a car. Isn’t that something? Both Montana and Wyoming are also considered Rocky Mountain states. You may wonder then how much is it to ship my car? Well, in the Great Plains states, we advise that you get your car to a major interstate and then pray. Forget about cheap car shipping. We shoot straight at AutoShipNow Auto Transport. It serves no good purpose to sugar coat anything.

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Standard Auto Transport Quotes

Cost To Ship A Car In The Rocky Mountain States

Colorado is synonymous with the Rocky Mountains, which actually stretches from Canada to New Mexico. The shipping car cost can vary wildly in Colorado. Almost year-round, vehicle transport services can ship in a timely fashion from Colorado. Once the snow falls and until it melts, however, car shipping to Colorado is extremely difficult.

Car Moving Quotes In Texas & The Southwest States

We consider the southwestern states to be Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Texas is really two very different states. The eastern part that includes Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and Houston is where most of the population resides and therefore most car transport shipments. Dallas is one of the four easiest places to ship your car, the others being Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta. The western part of Texas and along the Mexican border is so spread out that it becomes very difficult for car transport companies to get things done quickly. The shipping a car cost goes way up at the border. It is the end of the distribution line, folks.

New Mexico has only one reliable place for car shipping and that’s Albuquerque. No other place can be counted on, including Santa Fe.

In Arizona, Phoenix is wonderful for auto transport services. Tucson is alright. Flagstaff much less so.

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Standard Auto Transport Quotes

How Much Is It To Ship A Car In The Pacific Northwest States?

The Pacific Northwest includes Washington, Oregon and Idaho. It is a huge chunk of territory with only two reliable cities for auto transport services, Seattle and Portland. Boise works fairly well if shipping a car in the western region, but otherwise is not big enough to attract fast service from the eastern half of the country. The average cost to ship a car fluctuates with the region and its seasons. In most of Idaho, however, cheap car shipping simply isn’t possible.

Car shipping from either Seattle or Portland usually goes lightning fast almost year-round. However, shipping to Seattle or Portland is much slower from anywhere except the Pacific seaboard. The rest of Washington and Oregon is very much like Idaho when it comes to car shipping … it is extremely tough.

Alaska & Hawaii

Everything we do is money order or cash upon delivery. That becomes an issue when shipping to either Alaska or Hawaii, because there is always a vehicle transfer between the continental USA auto transport carrier, and the port servicing Alaska or Hawaii. There is nobody at the port who will pay the stateside car mover their shipping fee. The ocean freight vehicle transport companies, such as Matson to Hawaii, also want compensated via credit card upfront. Another impediment. Which means the broker, such as AuthoShipNow Auto Transport, would have to directly compensate the car delivery service and the ocean shipper. That becomes a logistical problem. We choose not to do it.

What Is The Auto Transport Industry?

Standard Auto Transport Quotes

The auto transport industry can be separated into three parts: Brokers, Auto Transport Carriers, and Lead Providers. Auto shipping brokers book the overwhelming majority of orders and need the auto haulers for their customer vehicles. The vehicle transport services are usually independent owner operators (tens of thousands of them) on the road and unable to fill their truck space themselves. Car transport service companies need the auto transport brokers to do that. It is actually a very efficient system. None of the car transport companies could even begin to service the entire country. It would be impossible.

Then comes the notorious vehicle shipping lead providers masquerading as legitimate vehicle shipping brokers online with websites that mimic broker sites. The lead providers sell their visitors’ information. AutoShipNow is one of the very few auto transport companies that do not buy leads, and therefore, do not sell customer information to third parties. An honest and ethical auto shipping broker is best equipped to service the customer.