The Good The Bad And The Ugly Of Auto Shipping

Reel Speak: A Reel 50: THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY

So you’re looking to ship your car but you’ve never done it before what separates one company from another. 95% of all auto shipping companies do the exact same thing. These companies do not actually own The trucks that transport the vehicle instead they handle all the logistics of finding the cheapest driver they can on a given route.

So why are all the prices different if they all do the same thing? Great question, so when you receive a quote it’s actually an estimate of what the auto shipping company thinks they can move your vehicle for, They do this by reviewing the last six prices over the last two weeks but a vehicle has actually shipped for. Now Where the price fluctuations come it’s due to two things; Many auto shippers will send a lowball quote But yet no the vehicle has not moved at that price so they do this to hook the customer in and then they will bump the price later when the vehicle doesn’t move, then the other fluctuation is of course the auto shipping fee, that’s the difference between the drivers cost and the total tariff quote, this prices ranges from 500-100 dollars depending on the route and what type of truck is required. Those 2 items are the total tariff cost of shipping and are combined all in one quote.

There are many Auto Transportation companies that their entire goal is to deceive their customers to get them on board to list their vehicle. They will quote prices that are 20-60 percent less than what they know the vehicle has shipped for. This behavior hurts the industry as a whole because after the customer is “bumped” 3-4 times and is now paying 100 percent more than the quote, they are understandably upset. But the customer wanted the lowest price possible, but the reality is, the market will drive the cost of shipping.

Good companies will “bump” as well, but this isn’t due to dishonesty, this is due to changing market conditions or time frames. For example, many vehicles are currently listed in the area for shipping, well drivers will always choose the highest paying jobs first. So at the time of the quote, it may have been accurate, the market will dictate the price. A good transport company will predict the cost with accuracy and won’t need the “bump” the problem is, though this is actually the real lowest price, other companies are being misleading customers because a quote is not binding.

Think of auto shipping as a reverse realtor, you hire them to get the lowest cost but they don’t know for sure what the actual price is. The best transporters are agents that are hard workers and good at negotiating with the drivers, these are the companies that will actually save you money and make the process stress fee. It’s truly a very easy process if you choose the right company, always check out an auto transportation company’s reviews on google, these are the best indicators of a good company vs a bad one.